Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Slow-down: 2016-2019


I used to collect a lot, and now, I don't do a lot of collecting at all. My collection has slowed to a crawl - some of it is probably because I have finished my uber collections - that of my Lishes and my BAs, and some of it is probably because of the deviation of my favourite sculpting company (Fairyland/CP) away from it's traditional aesthetic towards more carbon copy ridiculous-ness of things I am not a fan.

If you doubt me, check out the MNF al a carte page and tell me that there is more than small differences in the last 10-15 MNF sculpts. I can't seem much of a change in any of them, it's cookie cutter-eseque and so far from the classic features of Lishe, El and BA, that I have never been tempted (in fact, I'm repelled.).

I have only collected 8 dolls over the past three years and I'm only expecting one this year, although I've been waiting since September last year for it. In my first 2 years of collecting, I managed to accumulated in the region of 30 dolls (some of which have since been sold, but probably not as many as I should have.)

Here they are:


and 2018:

And to be honest, 2017 and 2018 are a little confusing: I only collected two heads in 2017, a Dreaming Breakaway to finish my FL released BA collection and a Seed Arts Wol. In 2018, I found a F70 body for my Dreaming Breakaway and I collected one full doll, my Depth Dolls Deilf.

For sanity's sake, the dolls shown here are as follows: Olwen (Delf Lishe, body found in 2016), Ceres (RealFee Haru, new); Bexley (Artifex Kindred/Twigling Ingenue, new); Bloch (R-line Rus, new); Solzhenitsyn (Eve Dolls Scottish Fold, new); Balor (Dreaming BA, head in 2017 and body in 2018); Lobelia (Seed Arts Wol head); and Ruska (Depth Dolls Deilf, new).

It also doesn't miss my attention that of the dolls I have collected over the past 3 years, only two have been "new" Fairyland dolls - a RealFee Haru and an R-line Rus in 2016. The others, the Delf Lishe head and the Dreaming BA are both old Fairyland/CP dolls. The rest are mostly from small artist run companies - Artifex Kindred/Twigling; Seed Arts, Depth Dolls and Eve.

The doll I'm still waiting for is a little more big scale - a Dollzone Snow Fulai fullset. Last time I asked about her, they were still expecting it to take another 4 weeks.

So that's where we're at... slowing down and wishing I was taking more photos of dolls.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015

So I have been massively bad when it comes to dolly photos in 2015, and posts on my much neglected blog-s.

I'd make a New Year's resolution to attempt to change, but I don't know how good I would be at it!

So... my year in dollies in 2015:

I only got six dolls, which feels really strange to have so few, I think it's the smallest number I have gotten in one year since I started collecting.

They are:

  1. Samhain - Withdoll Werewolf Baby Raul
  2. Dii Casses - Delf Art Lupinus Lishe (incomplete fullset)
  3. Nic Naomhim - Delf Art Perennis Lishe
  4. Elen - Delf Elf Dreaming Lishe 2005
And I finally received the bodies I ordered from Fairyland for the boys last year, so Alastir & Bres both are complete now, and Alastir got to keep the black mechanical arm.

Other than that, I said goodbye to a couple of dolls, Vesna and Cassius, leaving my Soom dolls down to 2. Arum is also up for sale, but I've had no bites as of yet.

There were plenty of faceups and tattoos done in 2015 - meaning that Aera Cera and Damara are completed with tattoos; Alastir & Bres both have faceups now and my only floating head (now named Olwen) also has a faceup. I've booked in a few slots for Jan 2016 for Elen and Caesair to be redone.

As for incomings, there's only one - I've paid off my Twigling Ingenue and I'm just waiting for her to be delivered!

So I wonder what 2016 will bring...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So I took advantage of the Fairyland Feeple65 event to purchase a couple of bodies for my boys, Alastir and Lir.  When the muscular Roke body was briefly available, before it was taken off sale, to give one of the boys the muscular body. But it got taken off sale, so no problems at all!

So I got a Rho and another Ital, and I was suckered into buying that arm... helpfully I'll be able to get rid of the faceplate, since I don't want it really (not a fan). I'm also probably going to try to sell the other faceplate too, because why would I need yet another Ital? (of course is that not another silly question? How many do I have already?)

But the question really has to be, who gets the arm? There's going to be a fight royale when it comes in with the bodies, because each of the three boys, Alastir, Bres and Lir will be able to wear it and each of them will most definitely want to wear it!

I also have to get Bres a faceup between now and when his body arrives, so that he's not the only one without one! Plus, while I have one extra pair of jeans, I don't have enough F65 sized male clothing to dress all three of them, so I have to do some purchasing there. I'm definitely tempted by some of the more classic outfits that Iplehouse have to offer in their SID section, so perhaps one of the two, Alastir or Bres, might end up looking a bit more "old fashioned" as such.

Now that I've decided that Bres will be the blonde, and Lir of course being a red-head, I want Alastir to be a brunette or have black hair, so the three of them look different. So another item goes onto the list, a wig for Alastir! Too many things on the shopping list in some ways.

What else is happening? Other than me losing track of my ADAD for this year and seemingly unable to force myself to get up to date, and thinking yet again of selling a couple of my collection, I have made one other, non-Lishe related - purchase.

I signed up for the 2015 payment plan offered by Twigling for one of her 67cm girls. I haven't chosen the sculpt as of yet, although I'm leaning towards getting the Ingenue. Since she also fits into Iplehouse clothes, I've been drawn to the wonderful classic outfits they do with the big dresses and it's so tempting to get something like that for my incoming girl. She doesn't have a name yet or anything else that is really planned.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

14 Wishes for 2014 Redux

  1. So Anna Perenna and Selene got back from AT looking fabulous, as per usual. 
  2. My Tan F60 Lishe, Etain, arrived in February and named herself not long afterwards!
  3. I ordered my Ital and he arrived before the end of the year - he has also been to AT and come back again as well and Lir is looking fantastic!
  4. Both Roma (Chicline Tan Lishe) and Mercury (Chicline Tan Ital) were ordered and arrived and have been off to AT for faceups and have come back as well!
  5. Aera Cera has her body! I went into a split to allow her to get the enormous “Full” bust from the M-line range but the rest of her is A-line, thank goodness! It has also arrived, so Aera Cera is looking good all completed. She is off soon to have her eyelash replaced and to get her tattoo work done as well.
  6. This one was not completely realised. Etain did get her faceup, and Morrigan had hers redone, but Sulis and Caesair still have their original ones. I might see about getting theirs redone this coming year. (But to be honest, I have had a lot of dolls faceup-ed this year including Anna Perenna, Selene, Etain, Morrigan, Lir, Roma, Mercury, Damara etc etc…)
  7. No new pukifee this year… so no Anhur. Now that I’ve reached the end of my Lishe collecting per se, I might get him in 2015!
  8. I didn’t replace Neith either. Still on the plans though!
  9. Well, I did get some new Minifee, technically, but it wasn’t another boy. He’ll have to wait for another time!
  10. Same with the Mirwen, she wasn’t included in the incomings for this year!
  11. Well, this didn’t happen either. But it has also possibly been preempted by a chance for an F70 El boy. We’ll see! (although as of new developments, I am getting a Delf boy, so watch this space!)
  12. No Pukifee Lishe. Still waiting on Fairyland.
  13. No F65 Lishe either.
  14. so 2014 was the year of the finishing of the Lishe collection! But more on that more rightly in my Lished blog.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Incomings and debates

So I really need to find something that will help me to keep this blog ticking over! I'm getting awfully slack both with writing blog posts and taking photos. So if you have any suggestions for how I can get this to work, please feel free to share.

So what's happening you ask? Well, after the arrival of Lir not so long ago, I had a bit of a pause in my doll collecting. I'd collected my last Lishe and had her faceuped and I was feeling happy with not much happening in my collection.

Well, now Lir is on his way back from the Spa, he's been stuck in a depot somewhere in Melbourne or Sydney now since Tuesday, so I'm not particularly impressed since he was placed in the post on the 1st of November. 

Other than him, I was buying a body for Aera Cera, which I've paid off, so she will be getting a WS A-line with the glamour (I think!) bust from the M-line body. It will be fun, I've been trying to find her some clothes to wear that will suit her faceup and general look.

Unfortunately while I was moving her the other day, one of her eyelashes fell off, and I can't find it. So I need to decide whether or not I'm going to send her back to get them replaced! I have to ask, as I don't know if AT will do that for me. I have something else to send her at the same time, so maybe I'll get lucky!

Anyway... then I saw a shot of the Withdoll Werewolf Babies on Tumblr and they were so cute. So I headed along to the Withdoll site to take a closer look and that was where I discovered that they were half a centimetre taller than a Pukifee... too cute.

So, I've purchased a little guy, default as he appears in the promotional shots and his name will be Samhain. Isis is very excited to have a little bity friend heading in - particularly as he could end up being a minion for her.

Currently he's due 8 weeks after the payment, which puts him around the 13th of December. Apparently, according to his makers, he could come early, so that is exciting.

As well as that, an old friend of my collection, and particular friend of Vulcan, is moving in with us. Elliot is making her way over from the UK sometime soon and V is extremely excited and planning all sorts of naughtiness. We have a few plans for Elliot our selves, and she might take a brief visit to the spa to refresh her tattoos...

Which comes to the current temptation.

There is this Feeple70 male body on the MP which I have watched a little since it was put up quite a while ago. It's a very reasonable price and I keep thinking of buying it. What currently stops me is the lack of head to put on it!

I do still have my sleeping BA, but I kind of like not having him on a body and I'm not sure that I want another BA (plus it would mean eventually I'd probably open his eyes, and I don't want to.).
I do have a floating set of Riff heads, but I don't know about that either.

I've kept a look on the MP for El heads, but there's nothing really viable at the moment. An F70 El would be fun - I even looked at Moons, and that's very different for me!

But I suppose the lack of a head might actually stop me buying the body.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Entries and Exits

I think I need a new list of things to write about on my blog? Anyone got a convenient list that I could use? Perhaps I need to have a few more rants in here to keep my eye in...

Anyway... perhaps an explanation of what has been happening with the collection at the moment - there have been a few comings and goings recently.

I have said goodbye to:

  • Pax - MNF Vampire Elf Chloe
  • Persephone - Puki Flora
  • Nic Naomhim - F60 Nanuri A

I have also had a big think about who is left who could go. Vesna is on my list, although I have made a few changes to see if she could stay around - she has a new pair of feet (Nephelin feet) which have shown me how yellow she really is, and then I got her a new outfit. But I don't know.

Cassius is up for sale, but there aren't any takers at the moment, so I might put him on Ebay or something. I'm considering letting go of Ares as well, although it feels strange to put him up for sale - given how long I've had him. But considering the person I'm giving him to has wanted him forever, it doesn't feel so bad.

Otherwise, on the list is Arum, who I always kind of knew possibly wouldn't stay around.

On the entries list... more of my favourite two sculpts.

  1. I finally got a Elf Lishe 05 OE, called Beira.
  2. My two tan Chiclines have shown up, finally, after 6 months of a wait. The boy still hasn't named himself, while the Lishe has called herself Roma.
  3. I capitulated for a Delf Dreaming Lishe, unmodded on the marketplace - her name is Damara (now she's named herself) and has asked for an interesting face up - more of that on my other blog.
  4. And in getting a body for Damara, since my F60 doesn't match, I might be picking up another Lishe head... no sure what to with that one.

Monday, April 14, 2014

14 Wishes for 2014....

Epically late... but oh well... still relevant!
  1. That I get Anna Perenna and Selene's heads back before the end of January! They took so long to get to AngelToast that I was getting very worried about the possibility of them getting lost in the mail! Luckily they're there now and I really can't wait to see what she does with them!
  2. Receive my Tan Feeple60 Lishe and find out what her name is!! (hopefully she'll arrive in January, although I'm probably looking more at Feb!)
  3. Order my new F65 Tan Ital - He will take the name Lir and take the place of the NS OE version that I was going to get. 
  4. Order the other two tans - my Chicline Ital and Lishe; Fairyland has been a bugger by releasing everything in tan!
  5. Buy a body for Aera Cera - since she's so demanding about it! It will probably be a M-line, although I find it a little abhorrent, although I might see if anyone wants to split with me, and get a hybrid, extremely large busted A-line. Apparently the hybrids currently for sale won't be for sale after the event, and I can't see myself being able to get one before the end of the Event!
  6. Get a faceup, probably by AngelToast for my unnamed F60 Lishe, and refresh the faceups that Morrigan, Caesair and Sulis currently have, again, preferably with AngelToast, as usual.
  7. Pukifee WS Zoe, Anhur - he's the last Pukifee on the roll call for the Army. Once I've gotten him, then Isis can stop complaining!
  8. Pukifee Sweet Bunny Bonnie - I know I have one already, but the poor girl is very green and it's very distracting - the poor darling needs someone who will really appreciate it! I think I may sell her and replace the poor girl with a new one!
  9. The MNF Seorin, Apollo - the boys are getting rather more outnumbered by the day! Plus I want to know if he'd stay!
  10. MNF Mirwen - Pellonia Maia, who will be my slightly nuts girl... although that doesn't sound too different from the rest of my mob!
  11. I'm still dreaming of an Feeple60 boy... I almost managed it when I bought Aeron - he was meant to go onto an F60 body, it never happened though. I've been eyeing off an F60 El on the MP.
  12. A Pukifee Lishe, I've always wanted one, and while I know it's not much of a chance; one can always wish, yes?
  13. And the final one - a Feeple65 Lishe... I'm still waiting...
  14. .. and this one is always for all those things that manage to happen... in 2013, it was Tans! Hopefully there won't be too many extras this year!

Mini update on the 14 Wishes (since I did actually write this in January, just forgot to publish it!)

  1. Anna Perenna and Selene are back, and looking ab-fab, as per AT's usual! (I'll go on and on about them on my Lished blog, which is seriously due an update)
  2. My Tan F60 Lishe arrived and named herself Etain. as per no.6, she's currently off with AT for a face up.
  3. Lir has been ordered, but is still on layaway.
  4. the two Chiclines have also been ordered, though they haven't named themselves yet. (for some reason the girl wants to be known as Cuba.)

The Slow-down: 2016-2019

Wow. I used to collect a lot, and now, I don't do a lot of collecting at all. My collection has slowed to a crawl - some of it is prob...